beITsmart for PC Asset Management, Software License Compliance, Asset Tracking, Installed Software, Installed Hardware, and Windows Upgrade Requirements
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  "beITsmart offers affordable PC Asset Management, Software License Compliance, Installed Software, Installed Hardware, and Change History reports for small businesses and organizations anywhere in the world."
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    About beITsmart

beITsmartTM allows you to easily and accurately manage all of your desktops, servers and laptops located anywhere in the world, using the secure beITsmart web service.  Use beITsmart for Software License Compliance, Hardware upgrades, Configuration management, and more:

*  How many copies of licensed software packages are actually installed on my PCs?
*  Which PCs need to be upgraded?
*  What software or hardware has been recently installed or removed from my PCs?

Here's how it works:

* Sign up for the beITsmart service.
* Download your specially tagged beITsmart client and install it on your PCs, servers and laptops.  The client runs on any Windows operating system, including both 32-bit and 64-bit desktops, laptops and servers.  The client can be installed using a login script or run from a shared file server, flash drive, burnable CD, or email attachment.
* Your network-connected computers will automatically connect to the beITsmart server and send it their PC profile information.  Click here for details on beITsmart security.  For non-networked PCs, use the "walk-around" program from a flash drive, or burnable CD, and upload the profile information via the secure Web page.
* You can view your management reports in a few minutes on the beITsmart server, via a secure web browser connection with the proper authentication.
* beITsmart will automatically update your reports, on a daily basis, with the current configurations of your PCs along with any software and hardware changes to your systems.  You can view your reports at any time and from anywhere using your web browser.

    Click to View Sample Reports
» Demo the Belarc client for a single PC (Belarc Advisor).
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» Read about BelManageTM, our PC management product which runs on a web server inside your firewall.
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